Bernie Reiter

  • Born and residing in Linz, Austria

Professional and Volunteer Experience

  • 2015–present: Working as a Code Wrangler (Senior Developer) for Automattic Inc.
    • Currently member of WordPress’ Gutenberg block editor core team (focusing on the new Full-Site Editing feature, developer tooling, and automation)
    • Supervised a number of candidates through the final stage (i.e. trial project) of the company’s developer hiring process, hiring five of them
    • Some contributions to the Jetpack plugin, including a number of Gutenberg blocks
    • Previously member of the team that implemented the new React-based WordPress.com Theme Showcase
  • 2013–2014: Maintainer of the open source app Gourmet Recipe Manager
    • Relaunched the website
    • Transferred the project from SourceForge to GitHub
    • Refactored the Python/GTK+/SQLAlchemy-based source code
    • Closed about 80 of initially 250 bugs
    • Performed regular (roughly monthly) releases for Linux/Unix and Windows
  • 2013–2014: Founded the citizens’ initiative Innenhofgrün for the preservation of green spaces and trees in the city center of Linz under increased pressure from urban consolidation
    • Information and campaign hub website (WordPress-based)
    • Media relations work that yielded news coverage in regional and nationwide media
    • Organized an information event with panel discussion
    • Submitted a petition whose demands were subsequently largely met by the city administration
  • 2009: Wrote, acted in, edited, and produced a no-budget short film for a campaign by alter-globalization group Attac
  • 2009–2017: Implemented and maintained various (mostly WordPress-based) websites (an artist’s showcase, a traditional costumes group, a private flea market)
  • 2006: Participated in Google Summer of Code 2006
  • 2005–2015: Contributed to various Open Source projects (e.g. DebianUbuntu, gitownCloudScribus, LyX), including some WordPress plugins (e.g. NextGEN GalleryThe Events Calendar)


Workshops and Competitions

Software Development

  • Programming Languages:
    • JavaScript (ES6+, React, Redux, Node.js, Babel, webpack)
    • PHP
    • Some rusty (albeit fond) memories of Python and C++
  • Web: WordPress, HTML5, CSS3
  • Tools: git, GitHub Actions, svn


German (native), English (bilingual), French (conversant), Czech (basic skills)

Interests and Hobbies

Languages, Free Software, ecology, film, photography, interior design, Japanese aesthetics, atheism, vegetarian cooking & eating, coffee and tea, cycling, swimming, genealogy