Stress peak

So while the past weeks have already been exhausting, my stress level is about to reach its peak about now, with two exams tomorrow and on tuesday, mid-term evaluation pretty close and still no code uploaded, though I’m spending practically all the time I’m not using on university stuff on reviewing literature and online resources — and finally setting up bjam and boostbook successfully.

For now, I’ve just updated the Boost SoC wiki and the Google SoC application information page with a little abstract and a couple of links. I hope that after suriving the next two days, I’ll be finally able to commit a first stub of what is to become the tree framework, probably defining some iterator types via iterator_adaptor (with some generic traversal algorithms) around the yet-to-be-specified binary position object (should be able to propagate traits to the said iterators, work somewhat like an iterator — maybe I’ll find something in the BGL, but not enough time for a review of that atm, that’s for later) which in turn has to be implemented to cater for corresponding node implementations, still allowing also the iterator types to be specialized for more efficient traversal. This strategy is implying some kind of hierarchy which I hope is powerful enough for the kinds of trees I want this framework to account for (with some not-to-complex extension work to go, that is). It does still not account for the “container part” of our iterators/”containerators” which at first glance looks a little more sophisticated to me, but I hope to find a way profound enough for a first commit (and extension later on, again).
Everything should lighten a bit when some code to study is up, and I hope it’s going to work out as I imagine it to — there’d be especially some partial template specialization parts I’m a little anxious about…

Enough for now, I’d better get back to learning, still a lot of stuff I don’t have a clue about…

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